Our goal is to produce safe, sound, confident, respectful companions while working to enhance the natural, smooth gaits of the Tennessee Walking horse.  We strive to find the perfect, life-long match for each of our young horses and its new owner.

All of our foals are imprinted at birth and haltered within the first week.  Lots of time is spent with them from day one so that they see humans as part of their herd and comfort zone.  They come up to us when we go out into the pasture.

During their first year they are taught respectful ground manners and learn many verbal commands.  At two years we begin riding them bareback for very short periods of time.  By the end of their second summer, we expect a confidant, safe trail horse that will take a rider smoothly and willingly alone into the mountains or around the ranch on a loose rein.  They are now leg yielding and can be ridden around the pasture without a saddle or bridle.  They can be lead in away from the heard by a hand on their mane at the poll.

We think this works in part because of the calm, willing  nature of the TWH, as well as the high, but age appropriate expectations that we put on them.  We establish, at an early age, that people are the alpha, or dominant, companion in their life.  But by starting them bareback, we also establish a deep sense of trust.  This 'evens the playing field,' and the colts know we trust them and are not going to ask anything they are unable to do.
Making friends
We prefer to sell our babies as two year olds or older, when we have given them a good start and can match them to the perfect owner. It is important that the new owner spend some time with the new horse at the ranch to learn the "buttons" we have put on him.  We encourage the new owner to keep in touch after they take the new horse home and to return to the ranch for tune-ups when necessary.

But, if you find we have youngster you can't live without and take home before it is started under saddle we are happy to give tips and are always happy to answer questions to help you as you train the colt yourself.  Training and tune ups also available, ask Kate for more info 
We like our horses to be prepared for any adventure that comes our way!
Kate and Ted bringing home the X-Mas Tree
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First Show for 2 year old stallion "Lux"
 We start our colts off slow to get perfect timing and a consistent walk with a deep head nod.  
Asher's First Ride
We also like our ranch and trail horses to be competitive in the show ring. Going from a camping trip one weekend to a show the next 
"Gunner" colt by Dreamin of Luxury 
Foals are saddled with a pony saddle and ponied by mom on the trail, gaining experience while getting comfort and confidence from mom that last's a lifetime.