we thought you may want to meet our mammas, and possibly choose one for the mamma of your next foal!
Lazy Sousa Ranch
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Huson, Montana 59846
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TT "Betty" Go Girl was our very first brood mare, and had absolutely wonderful babies for us including our beloved stallion Red Baron's Perfection. All of her babies have had the best disposition and they just walk! She even puts a little beef to them, often mistaken for Quarter Horses. She has passed but her legacy has been passed on through her foals and grand babies
Princes "Katie", sorrel mare, is the prettiest thing you have ever seen, and passes it on to her foals! Her sire is the great Royal Master and she has an amazing set of papers  including Sun's Delight and Ebony Masterpiece.  We have had six foals by her and have been tickled with all of them.  She is now retired as a brood mare and living in Canada.  

She's Delightfully Grand, "Sassy", is pictured in the foreground as a weanling. She is our first foal out of Katie and The Grand Collection.  Sassy is one that we would like to keep around for a ranch, because she is a great dude horse, and one day brood mare. 
Sundrop's "Fancy" Lady is one talented gal and was proving to be quite the eye catcher in the show ring.  However, due to a cut tendon sheath she was out to pasture for a year and her show career put on hold.  She produced a beautiful, palomino, overo foal by Dreamin of Luxury in February 2011, a palomino filly in 2014, and a loud over chestnut in 2016
Dixie, a chocolate buckskin, is one that catches peoples' attention.  She is 15 hands and a mover and shaker.  Her true, head shaking gait and beautiful coloring make her pleasantly unique.  She is very talented and bright making her a fun project and brood mare. Dixie is a proven brood mare having had had two beautiful bay foals by Red Baron's Perfection and a buckskin colt by Baron's Sterling Perfection (son of Buddy) 

Gen's Georgie Girl or "G.G." She is a nice 15.3 hands tall mare and is just a sweet heart to be around.She is broke to ride but, is smart enough to take advantage of a timid rider. 

You can't beat the pedigree on this mare: Prides Generator, Pride's Royal Master, Sun's Delight D, Ebony Masterpiece, and Midnight Sun to name a few.
She has outstanding foals that are super quiet, personable, flashy and talented! 

Kona's Grace, aka "Gracie," is 2008 Cremello filly who is a real sweet heart with a natural running walk.  She is demonstrating a very natural running walk while under saddle, and is proving to be very smart and very responsive to leg cues.
Gracie had 2 palomino, and 1 smokey black foal

The Cremello Gene
The cremello gene produces the palomino and buckskin color, but unlike the other dilution genes, it follows the rule of incomplete dominance. As a result, the gene can express itself in three ways, depending on the combination in which it occurs.
One copy of the dominant (Ccr) gene turns the horse’s
coat to either palomino or buckskin. Two copies of the Ccr gene dilute the coat to perlino or cremello.
The cremello gene is not expressed when it occurs in
the homozygous recessive (CC) form. The same rule
applies to the champagne and dun genes  SOLD

SOLD Katie is in Canada !
"Rose" is the FULL BLOOD SISTER to the dam of multiple World Champion N.Y.P.D.!!  And one of the youngest direct daughters of Pride's Stormy Night in existence. She has a beautiful head and large kind eye,  very correct, and extremely smooth bodied. She is very laid back and quiet under saddle. SOLD
Dreamin Ritzy aka "Tilly" will be Kate's personal mount and may have a foal one day. She is out of Sundrop's Fancy Lady and by Dreamin of Luxury.  We are so excited about this flashy filly- if she is half as talented as her parents she should be outstanding. Watch for her on the trail, show, and versatility events!
DR's Southern Comfort , "Pippin" is a big mare by Generators DR Blue and out of Threat's Rocket Lady. She is a mountain monster and has a solid running walk. I am excited to see future foals from her 
Sue's Lil' Flicka or "Bell" as we call her, is a stunning sorrel sabino. She has a phenomenal disposition, and great in the mountains. Bell is producing quiet flashy foals that can go any direction
HellCat's Big Score, "Paris" is a big striding classic Blue Roan mare that produces quiet foals with natural gait. 
Genuine Royalty, "Dixie" is a cute mare with a nice stocky build and a nice set of papers. She has such great names as Pride's Royal Master, Generator's Sliver Dollar, Triple Threat, and Sun's Delight D. She is broke to ride and drive.

​FOR SALE: Please contact Kate 

Gens Blu Calypso 20801698, "Callie" is a beautiful, sweet, classic Blue Roan mare. Her breeding is made up of some of the great foundation stock: Prides Generator, Quarterback's Stock, Pride of Midnight, Ebony Hacksaw  (Photo coming soon)

HY Society Ritz (Mindy) is a direct He's Puttin on the Ritz daughter. She always placed in the ribbons showing in her younger years in Alabama and Ohio and went on to produce some nice foals. We are excited to see what she produces for us!
She is for sale
Miner's Ritzerrella Red (Miah) is a tall stunning mare sired by World Versatility Champion " The Gold Miner" and out of a direct "He's Putting on the Ritz" mare. This mare is a tank in the mountains and will go all day long. We are looking forward to her first foal fall 2019