Why Highland Beef?

The thick, double coat of hair insulates them against the cold and eliminates the need for the heavy layer of back fat common to most cattle breeds. This means that Highlands marble naturally on grass and forage while producing lean, low fat, high quality cuts of beef. Highland beef has 40% less fat and 70% less cholesterol than standard breeds of beef. It's also higher in protein content, iron and Omega 3's than standard breeds of cattle, making it one of the healthiest meats on the market. 

Meat analyzed by Commercial Testing Laboratory, Inc. in Colfax, Wisconsin, which has been in operation since 1952, confirmed that Highland beef is lower in Cholesterol (measured in mg/100g). The results are in the numbers:

23.4 Grass fed Highland Sirloin Steak
77.0 in lean red meat
72.00 in chicken
70.0 in venison
50.0 in codfish 
40.0 in buffalo

In this same meat sample the Highland steak had a very low 4.5% fat

Why Grass Finished?

There are many nutrients in grass finished beef that not found in corn fed beef. The differences in nutrient density are striking and grass finished beef should not be considered to be equal in quality to corn fed beef. For the consumer eating grass fed & finished beef there are many health benefits.

Some of the most significant are:

>A balanced ration of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids
> High amounts of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) – a potent cancer fighter
> Significantly more Vitamin E
> Beta carotene
> Excellent source of minerals, including iron, zinc & selenium
> B complex vitamins

Our Beef

>Cows are raised naturally, on pasture, with no hormones or antibiotics.
>Raising both Full Highland and Highland x Angus  
>They are finished on grass and harvested at 14 - 30 months of age
>State inspected
>Carcass is aged for 14 days (unless other wise requested)


Beef can be sold in Whole, 1/2, or mixed 1/4
Packaged price varies depending on the steer size
2019 price is $3.75/pound Hanging Weight which includes butcher fees. State certified.
         Processing done at Superior Meats, LLC. 
Non Refundable Deposit for a 1/2 or whole beef is $200, and $50 for 1/4 beef 

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Grass Finished Beef