Herd Sires
and Semen Sales
T5 Samhain Reg. 46091 was a thick, deep bodied, mild mannered bull that sired a few of my favorite cows. I whish I had kept him longer.  He has been SOLD
This nice, long - bodied, old, dun bull sired a nice crop of calves in 2011
Willow Bend "Duff"
 Reg. 50639. Duff was a thick bodied and correct bull with good bone and feet. He is the sire some of my current brood cows. Deceased. Semen for sale $50 per straw 
"Sherman the Tank" is a friendly, 2012, Angus/Highland bull that I bred to my Angus cows  
This handsome 2012 white bull is "Ferdinand"
 I was unable to get the papers on his dam but, I liked him so much that I decided to keep him for a breeding bull for a season. He is sired by Willow Bend Brodie, and his grand sire is MacBeth of Cherry Point. He sired all bull calves for me, with nice frame and wonderful dispositions. Ferdinand is now living in Washington.
TripleR Ban Duncan #54256
Duncan is a ranch favorite with his outstanding quite disposition. He is a nice long bodied white bull that is producing stunning, quiet calves.  Limited quantity of semen for sale, so must be released through me $150 per straw 

PRG McGowan # 55320
McGowan is a 2016 bull sired by by Denver Livestock Show Champion Skye High Yukon Sun and out of Du Boise Arielle from Canada. McGowan is growing into a moderate framed, thick bodied bull with lots of muscle. (yellow). Semen for sale $50 per straw 
Semen stored and shipped from Hoffman AI Breeders in Utah. Purchase available directly through me or them:
Kate 406-370-1490 or horses.highlands@gmail.com     -       Hoffman AI Breeders: 435.753.7883

Flatheads Glenturrent is a huge brindle bull who's calves had low birth weight and rapid growth. He is now in Idaho
Lone Spring Fergusson #59304 
"Gus" is a 2019 silver bull who is proving to be growthy and filling out nicely. His calves are fantastic. Here are a few photos of him in his every day clothes.  Semen available $100/straw